How to Get Started With Orthodontic Treatment

During orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist may use a removable brace, or retainer, to straighten your teeth. A removable brace uses delicate wires and springs to gently move teeth, whereas a fixed brace features bands and brackets that remain in place for an extended period of time. While both options are effective, a removable brace may be more comfortable for some patients. It should also be removed during mealtime and for oral hygiene.

Before beginning your orthodontic treatment, make sure to discuss your goals, your overall problem list, and your expectations. Whether your goal is to straighten your teeth or just correct a few crooked teeth, you should first visit a dentist to have them cleaned and checked for any oral health conditions. After a thorough oral health check-up, your orthodontist will recommend a course of treatment. A crowded jaw and large teeth may be signs of a larger issue and require braces.

During the first visit, Las Vegas Invisalign will place brackets and separators on your anterior teeth and bands on your molars. During the second visit, you will have archwires or bands placed on your teeth. During the third visit, your orthodontist will use a flexible nickel titanium archwire to align your teeth. This method of treatment requires a high commitment to proper oral hygiene and can cause decalcification. Early treatment of your orthodontic problem should start before the malocclusion becomes worse. Early treatment can reduce your patient's ability to comply with more extensive orthodontic treatment. It is important to know your goals for early treatment so that you can prevent unnecessary, prolonged early treatment. A clear understanding of your orthodontic treatment goals will help you get started on the right track with your treatment. After your first visit, you should know your treatment goals and look for treatment options that will help you reach them. During early childhood, you should seek orthodontic treatment. The age when orthodontic treatment begins is important, but adult patients can also get it. If your child has not yet begun growing, the doctor may need to wait until the child has enough teeth to begin the treatment. In either case, you should see a specialist for your orthodontic treatment. The doctor will evaluate your teeth using dental x-rays and plaster models. Your orthodontist will recommend the best treatment plan for your child. When you undergo orthodontic treatment, your teeth will be straightened. This will improve your confidence and appearance. A straighter smile can make you look younger and healthier. If you have a bad bite, it can affect your speech and your overall health. Without treatment, your teeth may be unclean or not aligned correctly. When they aren't aligned properly, you may also experience gum disease, speech impairment, and other problems. By having Las Vegas Teen Invisalign, you will be able to enjoy a brighter smile and enjoy a healthier life. An orthodontic treatment involves the use of fixed and removable appliances to move teeth. Fixed appliances, such as braces, may be applied to your teeth. These appliances gradually move your teeth into the proper position, which may eventually improve your facial appearance. Sometimes, tooth extractions may be necessary to remove an overcrowded tooth. A dentist will discuss all options with you before recommending any type of treatment. If the recommended treatment is too aggressive, you may want to consider a more affordable option.

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